Sales force automation software (SFA)

FForce is a comprehensive sales force automation software (SFA) and sales force effectiveness (SFE) software tool, which a company can deploy to plan, monitor and extract details on key performance indicators (KPIs) in a cost effective & efficient manner. Field Force working in the field can use this online sales force automation software to submit the calls, manage account and contact information and monitor their coverage. This sales force automation software (SFA) provides various features which also helps to propel your business.

The sales force automation software offers pre-defined levels of access to the information for the field force, after strict verification, from anywhere, at any time and using any device online or from mobile. This is fully dynamic, mobile and tablet supported tool and can be accessed from iPad as well as Android devices.

Sales automation

plan your action

Plan of action

Get the highest rewards of your effort by putting across your goal,setting plans and eventually working towards it.It can be beneficial not only to an individual but to the entire business.The current sales trend is in cloud which puts both field members and managers on their toes anywhere and at any time.

Product briefing

Having a complete detailed history of your product within your FForce will let you to enjoy an advantage over competition by giving your customers access to critical information while on move too. This will help you to provide service instantly and also help customers to take a call quickly.

Product briefing
Hierachy management

Hierarchy management

Customers today have complete control in your success and your approach towards offering a better customer experience can have greater impact on customer’s decision making capacity. But who has to handle what? Where is the line drawn between each segment? Though ultimately every profit made by any salesperson goes to the company, there need to be some segmentation where the responsibility is shared according to the territory and type of job. Though both role hierarchy and territory hierarchy are different, they go hand in hand towards better sales management and customer management.

Ensure customer visit

  • Are your customers visited on time?
  • Are you worried about your workforce productivity?
  • Do you want to know where your field employees are at right point of time during working hours?
  • Do you want to streamline workforce schedules?
  • Do you wish to have a bird’s eye view of all your field staff?
  • Do you wish to keep track of the scheduling capability for every customer?
Ensure client visit

Power of customization

Report builder

Measure your company’s data with this power packed feature of FForce.

Create meaningful reports and dashboard in just a few clicks with our dynamic and self-explanatory report builder feature.

Report builder
Custom Process Management

Custom process management

Process management is the base to any business. It defines the complete philosophy of the functionalities of any business. Process management need to be flexible with the changing needs of business. It is ultimately the values that will eventually make customers happy.

Administrative efficiency

expance management

Expense management

  • Track your true cost of each of your sale
  • Crystallize your vision of expense management

Field force members can now just request or put across their expense and travel plans with the help of this feature. Higher authorities can easily now approve and monitor their team members’ travel and expense in just a click right within FForce. Managing expense and travel has now become so easy and hassle free with FForce Expense and travel management feature.

Inventory management

FForce extends beyond traditional CRM by integrating inventory management functions with sales related modules.

  • Quickly and flawlessly do your inventory operations without altering your day-to-day sales activities
  • With real-time sales invoicing, shipping, order procuring, etc, your inventory gets updated automatically
  • Flash real-time reports on inventory counts to all orders, sales, invoices and other areas of sales
  • Instant alert or automatic notification on low stocks
  • Optimize supply chain
  • Share inventory information instantly
  • Provide complete visibility to all users
  • Manage and report your inventory at ease
Inventorey management
leave management

Leave management

Many of the organizations in the past have incurred heavy loss due to lack of knowledge or error in managing leave efficiently. Leave management plays a very key role in every business as paid time off has a high level financial impact on a company’s bottom line. Earlier, leave sanctions were majorly taken care of the line managers or the HR department who use to manually keep track and calculate payrolls based on leave taken. Generally giving priority to this kind of work takes a back seat or rather ends up with huge errors.Effective automation of the entire process could lead to better productivity and cost saving.

Organizational development


eLearning and knowledge management are the critical components of workforce optimization which can bring myriad chances for a company looking to have a successful business journey. Customer service interactions need to be efficient and enhancing.

Key perfomance index

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators are the key elements that create value to your company. It acts as a prime component in order to understand a company’s progress towards its vision and mission. They are both financial and non-financial indicators that many businesses use today to measure their performance. Continuous measurement is essential in order to show continuous growth in business.