eDetailing provides you the opportunity to promote your products in an impressive and unique way, through interactive presentations and simplified procedures. In addition, it allows you to reduce promotional costs and have full access to latest information in “Real Time”.

Innovative and comprehensive mobile eDetailing presentations can allow your medical representatives to get the root of the conversation, and provide the exact content that their physicians are looking to learn.

Focused marketing

Document management

Document management

Document management has always been a major challenge for many companies as it involves storage, access and retrieval of vital information at any point of time.

Presentation management

A customer feels elated when you make them feel special through your customized presentations and this creates an opportunity for them to give more business and also recommend your brand to others.

Presentation management
Product planning

Product planning

Right from creating a concept till launching a product in the market, a systematic approach has to be implemented. It not only ends there. Once it is launched, it needs to be promoted and sustained to stay in the market too. This involves high level of planning, research and analysis with some real-time data.

In clinic information(Data mining)

Extracting information patterns of raw data is essential in order to arrive at a quantitative list of leads that can be later converted as fresh customers or to better understand the existing customers. Large amount of data is the key resource for any business. In order to manage your relationship with your customers, any business needs to have correct information about them. These information needs to be sorted out in such a way that it can be accessed. Here, collecting data, organizing data and interpretation of data is the key for success. Data Mining takes its role here. FForce is designed to accommodate this unique analytic tool that will help you to successfully sort out your data and make it more accessible and have that informational advantage.

Data mining

Know your customer

Like Dislike feature

Like/Dislike feature

Attracting new customers are costlier than retaining your old customers

Technology is affecting the way business functions today. Gone are the days where all functions were happening with the help of ledgers and files that occupied huge office space. Products were sold to customers whose minimal details were difficult to manage. Today we have moved to a more mobile work style. Organizations are looking to enrich their performance and enhance their process by saving time and cost with new functionalities and services. With just few connected devices, employees are at ease to show efficiency and bring enormous amount of profit to businesses and outstanding customer experience. Now every company has enough access to data about customers, their demographic positions, product preferences and even their social media posts.